Welcome to Collective Charm

Raised in a family of artists, we have creativity in our genes. With degrees in Interior Architecture (Rhiannon) and Social Work (Valentina), our educational backgrounds are quite different. Both of us now work as Interior Stylists, and share a mutual passion for creating unique and memorable spaces. After years of consulting one another on client projects and spending our spare time scouring dusty flea markets and fields for fun, we decided to combine our talents to form Collective Charm Co.


While we adore design with a strong undercurrent of feminine charm, the finished look must always be chic, smart and sophisticated. Our style is both aspirational and attainable. We believe that doing is learning. Rather than stress about rules, we instill confidence. Above all else, we believe that your personal spaces can be comforting and full of charm, regardless of budget.

Valentina Pollard