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Sisters designing together in Austin & Brooklyn


Raised in a family of artists, Rhiannon and Valentina have creativity in their genes. With degrees in Interior Architecture (Rhiannon) and Social Work (Valentina), their educational backgrounds are quite different. Both now work as Interior Stylists, and share a mutual passion for creating unique and memorable spaces. After years of consulting one another on client projects and spending vacations together scouring dusty flea markets and fields for fun, they decided to combine their talents to form Collective Charm Co.

While we adore design with a strong undercurrent of feminine charm, the net effect must always be chic, smart, and sophisticated. Our style is both aspirational and attainable. We believe that doing is learning. Rather than stress about rules, we instill confidence. Above all else, we believe that your personal spaces can be comforting and full of charm, regardless of budget.


Collective Charm is empowering.

Participating in the creative process is a deeply satisfying opportunity for growth and success, a transformative exercise. We facilitate this therapeutic exercise, and help you tap into your innate creative power.

We are aspirational, but never exclusive.

Environment affects mood, outlook, and efficiency. The places we inhabit are a canvas to both shape and show who we are – an inspired space feeds an inspired life. We foster a sense of belonging, but this membership is available to all – regardless of background or budget, we invite you to create this inspired life with Collective Charm Co. We believe that hospitality is key – everyone should feel at home with Collective Charm Co., and embraced as a valuable part of our community.

We are collaborative.

There is an abundance of interior design resources available online and in person, but no opportunity to work through the process with both peer and professional support in a fun environment. We provide a platform for a communal, cooperative experience – at once a social event and support network to foster creativity and nurture ideas.

We are instructional.

We will arm you with pragmatic skills and tricks of the trade that can be applied in real-world circumstances on your terms, timetable, and in your individual style.

We are authentic.

Rather than relying on trends, we encourage you to develop your own aesthetic sensibility built upon personal meaning, passions, and history. The right recipe is different for each individual.

We are attentive.

Whether the perfect paint color or the seam of a slipcover, we believe that charm is in the details. We devote meticulous attention to the project particulars, and the people they are for.

We are charming.

We deliver inspiring moments – in every aspect of our brand, we uplift and bring joy – and will teach you to do the same. Collective Charm Co. is an opportunity to learn tricks of the trade and hone your personal style.